Kristin Hope and Shaun Hope, owners of HKB Sweets & More, have turned a passion into a business that can be enjoyed by all. Kristin grew up watching the women in her family bake. She stood by in awe at the way her grandmother mixed and poured, whisked and stirred, and created cakes and pies that her family and friends would devour. Shaun, in much of the same manner, watched while soaking up cooking techniques from his mother. He learned to mix flavors, create new delicacies, and take risks in the kitchen. This amazement turned into a passion that everyone in their community can enjoy!

For the past 4 years, HKB has worked tirelessly to bring their menu to as many people as possible, and to do so with tireless effort.  This incredible bakery was birthed in the tiny kitchen of Kristin and Shaun’s home.  Kristin spent many nights baking cakes and cupcakes, perfecting flavors, and her craft in decorating.  It was quickly realized that sharing her love and passion for baking was becoming a task too big for the space.  In 2017, they stepped away from their kitchen and into a small, but welcoming store front bakery.  Located on the outskirts of town, it was the freshness and flavors that brought their customers to the location.  Hope’s Kreations Bakery was quickly gaining attention from near and far and outgrew the location.  Moving into a more central location seemed the best strategy for the business.  With that decision, Hope’s Kreations Bakery moved to town! Opening a store front near downtown Milledgeville brought more customers and more items to the menu.  Mr. Hope was constantly in the kitchen (lab) testing new combinations and continuing to build a menu that everyone could enjoy.  From German Chocolate cupcakes to Pepperoni Pizza muffins, he never ceased to amaze the customers. This location thrived and again required a transition that would prove to be the biggest and most challenging one yet.  Hope’s Kreations Bakery moved to its current location on one of the busiest streets in Milledgeville, North Columbia St.  Now named HKB Sweets and More, the bakery offers much more for its customers to enjoy.  The bakery now includes an Ice Cream Shop and lounge as well as an event space for hosting meetings, parties, and decorating classes.  The relaxing atmosphere and beautifully themed space has become a place where our customers can enjoy a light meal, a treat, and soothing music…with the Hope family.

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We, at HKB Sweets & More, are a company whose devoted to being a leading establishment providing delicious goods in a family-oriented environment. We take pride in perfecting and preparing, for our customers, the inviting atmosphere of a local hometown bakery and the personal experience of freshly prepared goods from a company who cares.  We offer our employees the opportunity to learn, grow, innovate, and create with the company.  We value the time, dedication, skills, and expertise of our staff and are committed to providing a safe and friendly work environment for people of varied ability levels. 




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